View from the one of the tour spots Yellow Bastion

What to see in Sarajevo? Check out our favorite places!

What to see in Sarajevo in one day? What to do in Sarajevo? Sarajevo what to visit?


The city of Sarajevo has a lot to offer when it comes to interesting sites that you can see in the city itself and its surroundings. We have listed some of the beautiful sites that you could be interested in. 

Some of them offer great scenery that you can enjoy as you walk through. But some of them are a little bit more demanding like some hiking trails in the mountains around Sarajevo.

Each of these sites has a unique charm but it’s up to you to decide which one you are going to visit. In our opinion, it would be quite a shame if you couldn’t visit all of them. 

Each of these sites has a story of their own so it’s difficult to list them in order of importance. If you don’t find time to visit all of them, you can always save some for your next trip to Sarajevo.

Take a look at some of the listed sites and ensure your friends, family and most importantly yourself with some fine experience of Sarajevo.

Yellow Fortress

A girl sitting on the Yellow fortress in Sarajevo
A view from the Yellow fortress

This cannon tower is also known as Yellow Bastion. It is located on the entrance of the “Walled City of Vratnik“. It was built between 1727 and 1739, after the invasion of Austro – Hungarian troops in 1697. Austro – Hungarian army was led by Habsburg Prince Eugene of Savoy. 

This was one of the greatest defeat Ottomans suffered in Bosnia. During the reconstruction of the city, Ottomans determined that Sarajevo also needs defending ground. It was used as one of the defending sites during of Austro – Hungarian army in 1878.

The fortress itself was rebuilt several times. Most recent reconstruction was in 1998.

To reach Yellow fortress is pretty easy. It is approx 800 m distanced from the Sebilj fountain which is located in the Bascarsija pidgeon square.

 For those who like to put a little bit more effort they could visit the White Fortress which is a little bit higher from the yellow one. If we consider the view, its pretty much the same, just higher altitude.

Trebevic Point of view - Bobsleigh and luge track

Old and abandoned bob slack coloured with abstract graffiti
Just some of the artworks which could be founded on Bobsliegh and luge track

This site is located slightly above Sarajevo. Here you can find remains of the winter Olympics which took place in Sarajevo in 1984. Those can be some examples of decaying monuments of Yugoslavia. 

Being not maintained for a while led to this current condition of this historical monument. At the moment it serves as a fine canvas for the street art community. Besides these monuments, you can enjoy one of the finest views of the city. Enjoy some fresh air while having the opportunity to observe the skyline of Sarajevo.

There are few options for you on how to reach Trebevic Mt, the easiest way would be to use a cable car or go up there with a cab. Also you can hike all the way to the bob tracks if you wish. The method which will assure you with utmost satisfaction is going up with a cable car, as you will able to observe city area as you are climbing. 

This will save you enough energy for everything you would like to do up there. And in the end you can reach the city with an easy walk down the hill. This walk shouldn’t take any longer than 1.5 hours with the pace of an average walker.

Historical landmarks in the Old Town

City Hall in Sarajevo and in front of it a old bridge and a river
Sarajevo City Hall

The old town of Sarajevo is pretty much layered with history. A big variety of historical buildings from different timelines can be found in the short perimeter. What gives Sarajevo a unique charm is that as you are walking from East to West, you get to see the development of Sarajevo throughout different times. 

City Hall is a building which you must see. Its beautiful architecture represents the mixture of the cultures living in the capital of Bosnia. And of course, you cannot miss visiting religious temples that can be found in the old town. These temples and Sarajevo community is why Sarajevo is known as Jerusalem of Europe.

So basically what you’ll get to see is different periods of Sarajevo through diverse architecture.

National park of river Bosnia

Natural park, Spring of river Bosnia

Spring of river Bosna is a natural park located in Ilidza municipality. It is one of the country’s most popular natural landmarks. This a perfect place to escape busy city life for which you don’t have to go too far from the city. Nearby Spring of river Bosna there is a Roman bridge which was built around 1540. 

Original Roman stones stood there to connect Romans with the village Aquae Sulphurea at the time. The whole region of the municipality Ilidza is known for its archeological discoveries dating form 2000 years BC.

In the main avenue, there can also be found Austro-Hungarian buildings and houses that will complete the experience.

Hiking trails in the mountains around Sarajevo

Hikers reaching the peak of the Trebevic Mountain
Hikers reaching the peak of Trebevic mountain

Sarajevo, located within the valley and surrounded by Olympic beauties, offers a pretty decent amount of hiking trails.

Most approachable one would be on mountain Trebevic which is the closest one to the city. Besides that, you can go to Bjeslasnica, Jahorina, and Igman which are distanced no more than 1.5 hours of a car ride. 

If you don’t feel like leaving the city or that is not an option for you then you can please yourself with some city walks. Wilson’s walking alley and the alley of the Ambassadors are pretty nice ones and you don’t need to put much effort to reach them.

This would be just some of the important site that you shouldn’t miss during your visit in Sarajevo. But rest not, as there plenty to see and learn about from the mixed history of Sarajevo. As through these sites you might fall in love with the city.

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