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Travnik and Jajce are two cities who are pretty unknown for the most of the people in the world but for the locals a symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period of Ottoman and Medieval time. Both of the cities are having a typical Bosnian charisma. Cities in the middle of the hills and mountains with vivid life, nice people and lovely scenery. In our tour, you will visit both of them and we will explain you the stories connected with both cities and show you the sights which are quite beautiful and unique to see.

Wheat mills on river Pliva on our Jajce and Travnik Tour


A small city with a name that defines¬†its own nature and colour¬†(trava¬†= grass) is in the area that has been interesting in the period the Bosnian Kingdom. It is a city that was more important for the period of Ottomans and which has a couple important roles in the ruling of the Bosnian Eyalet. Travnik Suleyman’s mosque is one of a kind and the fortress that was built pre-Ottoman time is giving you a beautiful view. You will visit also a museum of Ivo Andric our Nobel¬†prize winner which was born in Travnik. During the trip definitely,¬†the recommended stop for food would be in Travnik to try their own version of ńÜevapi.

As We continue the trip, in one moment we will reach a city with the important historical value of both Bosnian Kingdom and Yugoslavia. Jajce was the city of kings, place where the last Bosnian king was killed and where during the second world war Yugoslavia will be created. The city is beautiful because of its fortifications who were built to hold Ottomans which eventually penetrate and conquer Jajce, but the most beautiful thing is definitely waterfall of Jajce. It is one of the most beautiful sceneries and one of the rare in city waterfalls. You will visit also catacombs that were used as the hideout for the royal families of the Bosnian Kingdom.

The tour spots are :

  • Excursion start in front of our office
  • Travnik
  • Suleyman’s Mosque
  • Travnik Fortress – Jajce
  • Waterfall of Pliva
  • Catacombs

Please be 10 minutes before the start of the tour. If you have problem finding us, you have google map link HERE.

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