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Top 5 Best Sarajevo Wine Bars

If you are searching for a nice Sarajevo Wine Bar to have a glass or 10 of amazing Bosnian Wine then WELCOME!

We can assure you that the capital of Bosnia has no shortage of drinking establishment and we listed the most amazing ones in TOP 5 BEST SARAJEVO WINE BARS.

In Sarajevo, you would be able to find some of the best clubs, bars, and pubs in the country. On the other side, you would be able to find some places which would allow you to relax. Imagine a nice, cozy atmosphere, floral aromas, fine decor to top your enjoyment of Sarajevo.

A type of experience which is at the same time classy and relaxing. Treat yourself, take yourself on a date. Remember your time is limited, for that reason you have to enjoy while being here, in the Capital of Bosnia.

Now if you are looking at how to unwind yourself from a long day, tiresome trip or who knows what, don’t worry. A reward is coming at the end of the day. This guide will lead you to some of the finest Wineries in Sarajevo, best Sarajevo Wine shops and places with an amazing atmosphere.

Contact us if you are interested to taste some of the best wines in the wineries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and taste local wines from the original basements. We are doing Breathtaking Bosnian Wine Tour From Sarajevo.  

Until we hear from you enjoy in this guide through Sarajevo. 

La Cava

One of the rare wine bars which you would be able to find in the Sarajevo Old Town.

Surely, La Cava is a place where locals and tourist could relax after their workday, engage in a convo with their dearest with a glass of wine. You would be able to find La Cava in one of the side alleys of Bascarsija. If you sit outside you will see the vivid atmosphere in the streets of Sarajevo Old Town, while you enjoy the finest Bosnia and Herzegovina Wines. A light breeze to sparkle receptors, for greatest enjoyment. During the winter you could find a little bit private atmosphere inside of the Bar.

La Cava has a wide offer of local and regional wines. You can have Prosecco champagne on glass for just 5 EUR. 

How to find La Cava

Address: Kundurdžiluk 1, Sarajevo 71000
Phone: +387 62 726 031

Click on the LINK to see the map.

Wine Bar Topić / Vinarija Topić

A winery in which you could experience Neo-Balkan style live Bosnian music in the second part of the week. Relax with a group of friends and enjoy some of the finest wines that this wine bar has to offer.

Vinarija Topic is merely hidden in the city center, as it is located near the main promenade. But its not so hard to find it. No worries we prepared a map of the location, so you won’t be having any hardships finding it.

Lively weekend nights, good live music and on top of that some of the finest wines. 

The glass of white wine, the mix of Chardonay and Malvasia, named Tribunia is our recommendation here. It is Bosnia and Herzegovina wine from the Vukoje basements. It will be perfect and light while you are dancing and singing all night long. 

AddressMaršala Tita 54, Sarajevo 71000
Phone: +387 33 214-810

Click on the LINK to see the map, on how to find Vinarija Topic.


A rather charming winery, with a cosy location. Which offers a big variety of wines, located near the city centre. This makes this winery one of the top destinations for a night out in Sarajevo.

You will definetly enjoy in this amazing Wine Bar if you are a fan of a violin which plays on Friday, adding up to the cosy atmosphere of Dekanter. Not only that, Dekanter is offering their service as long as you are willing to stay and enjoy their wines.

Like the other bars, this one as well has to offer you to sit outside and feel the soul of summer nights in Sarajevo

Search for the glass of Tvrdos Monastery Vranac. Red wine whose tradition is to be made only by the monks in the city of Trebinje.

AddressRadićeva 4, Sarajevo 71000
Phone: +387 33 263-815

Click on the LINK to see the map, on how to reach Dekanter.


A quite different winery from the ones which you’d be visiting in Sarajevo. This winery focuses on wine 100%, and they are doing it professionally.

Well, that for they have to offer 150 different wines for your refined taste. Thus, if you want to treat yourself with some fine wine, this should be the bar you shouldn’t miss.

A perfect venue for the cosy dinner with a family or group of friends. After a first visit, you are going to develop a fine relationship with this place. Most likely will make you crave for more.

This is one of the places which won’t be hard to find. Take a walk from the Catholic Cathedral down the road, and you’ll notice it near the end of the alley.

Marijanović 33 barrique is one of the best wines on the wine list.

If you wonder why 33 barrique the answer is simple?  33% Blatina, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon and 33% Syrah.

It is one of the most serious wines when we speak about the local wines. It was created close to the city of Čitluk in Herzegovina. Wine is having beautiful smell, amazing aroma and long ending. Handpicked grapes are the secret key to this wine quality, and there are no more than 1000 bottles.  

If you are struggling to find it:

AddressStrossmayerova 4, Sarajevo 71000
Phone: +387 63 773 706

Click the LINK to see the map, on how to reach Fonoteka.

Lose yourself in the sensation of the finest wines in Fonoteka and amazing offer of this Sarajevo Wine Bar and Wine Shop.

6/6 Wine Club

Is a wine bar with a rather unusual name. In the name of the bar you get the instructions on how to find, well it won’t be easy you aren’t from Sarajevo. The bar is located on the 6th floor on no. 6 in the city centre. But definitely worth the effort, as this place won’t leave you unsatisfied.

A rather beautiful atmosphere distant from the crowdy city centre. Ensures you with a well-spent night in a rather warm environment, good wine and lots of good memories.

Have no worries we’ll also share the link for this venue as well:

AddressM.M. Baseskije 6, Sarajevo 71000
Phone: +387 33 834-237

Click the LINK to see the map, on how to reach 6/6 Wine Club.

Taking all this information you’ll be more than ready to wander around Sarajevo at night.

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