Sarajevo, a capital of Bosnia, a city with a long tradition, existing since 1462. has much more to offer than sore history. Because of that, we prepared a guide for top 3 hiking destinations around Sarajevo. Best of all is that you don’t need any extra arrangement to be able to engage in these fun activities.

We will be covering 3 hiking trails from closest to farthest from Sarajevo. Thus you would be able to estimate which hike suits you best. Taking into account your budget, time and effort you would be able to pick some of these or simply do all 3 of them.

All 3 destinations are beginner-friendly and are not too demanding.

1. Hiking to Mt Trebevic

Hikers reaching the top of Mt Trebevic

Mt Trebevic (1629 m) is a natural backdrop of Sarajevo, and at the moment it’s one of the most popular outing sites. Hiking to Trebevic is offering you various options on how to reach all the way to the top. For Trebevic Mt you have many ways to reach to the top. Go by the foot all the way from Sarajevo which is the option with the longest duration, but you’ll have plenty to see.

And also there are options for those who are a little bit lazier. So the easier ways to reach the top of Trebevic would be by car, all the way to the top so you would be able to enjoy the view. Or you could use a cable car to take you to the top and enjoy the peculiar vegetation of Trebevic.

Napretkov Dom and Pino Nature Hotel are good spots to take a break before reaching the top of the mountain. As you are able to take refreshment to regain strength for the rest of the hike. These 2 are located a central part of Trebevic.

Furthermore, you’ll be passing by Brus which is a recreational centre, located 500 m from the top. At the top, you will find a breath-taking view of Sarajevo. Witnessing small towns and villages nearby and stunning mountain ranges.

On Mt Trebevic you would also be able to find what is there from the Winter Olympics which took place in Sarajevo in ’84. Bobsleigh track which was the most advanced one for that period of time. Unfortunately, these Olympic facilities were damaged during the aggression in the 92-95 period.


From Sarajevo, from  Wilson’s Promenade via Vraca, you can reach the top of Trebevic by bike. The trail is 22 km long and is the most challenging mountain bike trail on Trebevic.

Less demanding routes from Vraca can be taken via Jasik and Tilava to Lukavica (33.7 km) or via Mt. Jahorina and Pale to Sarajevo (53 km).


2. Hiking to Skakavac waterfall

A girl standing in a pool beneath waterfall Skakavac (grasshopper)
Beautiful Skakavac (96 m) waterfall is only 12 km distanced from Sarajevo. Thus it is one of the most popular hiking trails for the locals. On the way to Skakavac, you would be passing through the neighbouring village of Nahorevo. This would be a great spot for a refreshment break, whether you want something to eat or to refill your bottles. The easiest way to reach Nahorevo is by car or bus, line No. 69 from Sutjeska station near the city centre. 
The real hike starts from Nahorevo, one has to go on foot to be able to reach the location of the waterfall. From Nahorevo to Skakavac you’ll have to cross around 7km.

The trail which leads you to the waterfall is well marked one, also it offers different options. Some lead directly to the waterfall while others will take above or below it. You would found alongside the trail plenty of resting stops. Some of them are even equipped with wooden tables and benches, suitable for picnic or a quick meal.

At the final destination, you’ll witness the beauty of waterfall Skakavac. The rate of water flow is rather modest, but the height of 96 m will definitely amaze you. Skakavac is the highest waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its height makes it the 5th highest waterfall in the Balkans.

3. Hike to Umoljani and Lukomir

These are two village settlements distanced from Sarajevo for about an hour of drive. Thus it is easy to visit these places. Umoljani would be the first destination to visit on this site. Surroundings of Umoljani are a beautiful green area. The terrain around it is perfect hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking. On the other side, visitors could enjoy some finest meals prepared by locals in their shops.

At the entrance of the village, you would find a very old mosque, which is having an unusual minaret. Foundation of this structure which is declared as a national monument of BiH. Nearby the mosque you would be able to see more than 20 stecci (medieval tombstones).

Close to Umoljani, there is an area called Dolovi, in which you’d see more of stecci. Not only that on that site there remains of the structures from the Middle Ages.

Umoljani also serves as a starting point for some best mountain routes. These routes lead to Lukomir, Studeni Potok and Canyon of Rakitnica river.

Travelers on the way to Lukomir

Lukomir, well known as last village settlement in Bosnia. It is a highest inhabited settlement in BiH on 1495 m altitude. Also, it is the only settlement located above 1300 m. 

It belongs to Konjic municipality and it could be reached either from Konjic (approx 30 km) or from Sarajevo (approx 45 km). Which is around 90-minute ride from Sarajevo centre.

The road is taking you over mountain Bjelasnica through Babin do. Most of the road to Lukomir is paved, but the last part of the trip is through barren karst which stretches for around 11 km.

You could go with a car all the way to the top or to enjoy the scenery while hiking from Umoljani to Lukomir

Lukomir is like a living ethnological museum. It is a place where nomadic customs and traditions are still practised. It provides a unique heritage atmosphere. Stecci scattered around are indicating that settlement existed since the 14th – 15th century.

For a few last years, life on Lukomir is led on a seasonal basis. The main reason for that is harsh winter weather followed with meters high snow. During the winter Lukomir becomes inaccessible because of the high snow. Thus life in the village is possible only from May till October (until 1st snow). During that period villagers are taking care of their land and animals which are in large flocks. Up to 4000 sheep could be seen in the fields around Lukomir. During the night sheep are kept in a stone enclosure which under the protection of sheepdogs.

At the moment Lukomir is one of the top rural tourism destinations.

For this type of trip, you could make the arrangement on your own, or contact us or some of the local agencies. Which offer suits you best. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Bosnia, prepare all the necessary equipment and you are ready to go.

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