Tito’s Bunker excursion

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Tito’s Bunker excursion

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08 AM

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40 EUR

per person

Tour length?

6 hours

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What to expect?


this is unique experience

Tour overview

Tito’s Bunker tour is created for the sake of understanding the former state of Yugoslavia and it’s glorious moments. On the other hand, you also have an opportunity to learn more about the leader who remained “Non-aligned” during the Cold War.

You will be visiting the Atomic War Command also known as Tito’s Bunker, one of the many secret bases which were deeply hidden from the public. This tour will widen your knowledge about the former Yugoslavian leader and his military assets. Through this tour you’ll be able to notice how Yugoslavia was only possible through a strong leadership of Josip Broz Tito.

The term Yugonostalgia will be explained to you through some confessions of the people that used to live in both countries,the Yugoslavia and the modern day Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will confess which part of Yugoslavia they miss the most and for what reason.

We will start our day early in the morning. After the 8 AM pickup, we’ll head to Konjic which is the location of Tito’s Bunker. Ride to Konjic will take approx 50 min. Along the ride, guide will give you the proper introduction to Tito and Yugoslavia. During this time, you’ll be able to have a discussion about everything that interests you.

After the arrival, we will meet with the people who are in charge of the organisation of the trip towards the bunker. The bunker is under the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s protection so we will have a small check up before we enter the facility.

At the museum, group will be led by a local guide for the next hour and a half. During the time spent in the museum, guide will give you an explanation of everything that can be found within the Bunker. Some of the myths and facts will be revealed to you. All this information will provide you a better understanding of YUGOSLAVIA TOP SECRETS.

On the way back, we will discuss all the conspiracy theories surrounding Tito that come to our mind.

We can use our coffee break in Konjic so summarize our impressions and maybe answer some additional questions.

Transport for the tour will be organised and you will be transported to the Tito’s Bunker together  with the tour guide who will be explaining everything on the way and on the way back. Inside of the Tito’s Bunker you will get a local tour guide.

  • Konjic
  • Tito’s Bunker


  • Tour start at 08 AM (we need booking one hour before the tour start)


  • Bottled Water
  • Tickets for all entrances
  • Free Pick Up / Available on request in the Old Town area
  • Coffee and refreshments during the tour
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Transportation in AC vehicles


  • Tipping or Gratituties
  • Private Tours / All tours are shared unless specifically agreed private in advance
  • Infant seats


  • BOOK AND GO! Tour is having definite departure every day.
  • Max number of people on the tour is 8 pax.
  • For the groups of 8+ people - contact us on info@tt-tours.com to see what we can do in order to organize the tour for you.
  • Small amount of walking
  • Group Discounts and Multiple Tours Discount
  • Infants and children under the age of 10 free of charge


  • Price is 40 EUR per person


Aerial photo of Konjic, river Neretva and above it a bridge
We shall stop for the coffee before the visit to the Bunker in the city of Konjic


 A coffee break will be made in Konjic on the way back from the Bunker. There we will summarize what we saw at Tito’s secret facility, discuss about Tito and Yugoslavia and maybe resolve some of the myths and conspiracy theories that surround such a strong character as Tito himself. We can summarize all the important historical facts we learned on this trip.

Picture of Tito looking at a man
Tito's Bunker is contemporary art museum at the moment with a lot Tito's Portraits

Tito’s Bunker

Tito’s bunker now serves as a meeting point for artists from across the region, Europe, and the world. The goal of the Project Biennial of Contemporary Art is to transform a site still officially under military control into a prestigious regional cultural institution at the forefront of emerging artistic trends.

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map of locations

Please be 10 minutes before the start of the tour. If you have problem finding us, you have google map link HERE.

Frequently asked questions

We will be entering the holy temples such as a mosque. Men cannot wear shorts above the knee and t-shirts above elbows. Women cannot wear shorts or skirts above the ankle and t-shirts above the wrists. Usually the veil for the women is given at the entrance of the mosque and kippah for the man in the synagogue but if don’t want to wear those ones you can bring your own one.

The mosque would be the most strict temple in which we will go regarding the dress code, but be aware that in other temples as well you would need to have clothes which is not revealing too much. 

We are able to do that. However, that change would would be seen as a customization of the tour making the tour private. If you are the only people on the tour we would be doing that without offering you the private tour option. 

If you wish to have customized experience in Sarajevo the best way is to contact our team on info@tt-tours.com. We will create tailored tour for you. 

We will be able to find vegan and vegetarian option for you on this tour. You just need to give us that kind of information at least couple of hours before the tour start so we can check out everything prior the tour start. 

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Our Google Reviews

Samantha Liew
Samantha Liew
22:05 24 Sep 19
Meme is the best walking tour guide I ever had! Very informative and at the same time very interesting. Would highly recommend this tour. Also, he heroically blocked the pigeons during the walking tour. (;read more
Danielle Gregory
Danielle Gregory
08:52 18 Sep 19
Pretty good walking tour of Sarajevo. A good starting point and the recommendations on what to do after and what museums to visit was very helpful.read more
Mohamed Bahabri
Mohamed Bahabri
14:17 15 Sep 19
Very professional tour guide almden (I guess the write it this way) He is full of knowledge Lovely structured information friendly & helpfulread more
15:58 03 Sep 19
Really enjoyed the walking tour this morning. I've done quite a few in different cities but this one stands out really. Really interesting stories and facts on the city's history are being mixed with some personal stories and experiences. Also enjoyed doing this in a small group, we went and had a little coffee and lovely conversations; all felt really personal. Thank you. I'd definitely recommend! Keep up the good work guys.read more
Michaela Ismaili
Michaela Ismaili
20:15 16 Aug 19
Highly recommended! Both the free tour of Sarajevo and the Siege of Sarajevo tour are definitely worth experiencing thanks to the competent guides. Sarajevo has so much to offer!read more
anne kirstine rønn
anne kirstine rønn
15:24 12 Aug 19
Absolutely great tour. The tallest tourguide is not just tall but also extremely knowledgable about the history of Bosnia. When the tour ended, I felt overloaded with information in a good way, and Almedin took the time to sit and talk with me and help me digest the experience, not just of the tunnel tour - but also of being in Bosnia in general. He has my warmest recommendations!read more
chaz rothwell
chaz rothwell
08:26 02 Aug 19
Highly recommend the free Alternative Sarajevo tour if you're looking to see a different side of Sarajevo and find out about the Street Art. It's really hard to understand the street art as lots is in Bosnian or Bosnian slang or has references which aren't easy to get so it's great to have a local guide explain things.read more
Santos Harismendy
Santos Harismendy
21:43 06 Jul 19
Excellent free tour, excellent information and treat. We were 4 with the guide and he was really good. Always open for questions and then we went for a beer together to keep knowing about the culture and sharing about our. 100% recommendread more
Jasper Greene
Jasper Greene
07:31 04 Jun 19
Deeply knowledgeable guides who were able to answer all my many questions. I went on a general walking tour which explored the cities origins and, the siege of Sarajevo which focused on the warread more
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