People of Sarajevo known in the region as the people with a sense of humour. And one of them a young student who sold the city hall to the local/foreign citizen.

Now you might wonder how come local and foreign citizen at the same time. That’s a whole different story, let’s just say that he was originally from Bosnia. But for the last 25 years, he was living in Chicago where he was buying properties.

How it even came to this funny occurrence

Student by the name Damir Lisac which was at that time 3rd year at the Law University in Sarajevo.

Like every other day during his student years, he was studying for exams for most of the time in the National Library – City Hall. That day after a few hours of studying he came out from the library to smoke a cigarette.

Passing through the doors, right before bringing the lighter close to his face to light a long craved cigarette. He notices a rather weird-looking man, dressed as a foreigner, observing the building from different angles.

Among his peers, Damir was known as a rather funny and witty person. And this time once again he decided to have a little fun with the man interested in the building.

He approached, prepared his fake voice and asked the man is he interested in buying the building. Also, he added the there would be a possibility to close the deal today already as he could take him directly to a person which does the sale.

“American” put a wide grin on his face through which he displayed his utter satisfaction with this positive information.

Two of them went to visit the director of the library Mitra Papica who continued to go alongside the joke. Mitar proposed that the price would be 1 million US Dollars. Of course that “American” was a tough negotiator and lowered the price on 400 000 US Dollars.

Damir was given 10 000 US Dollars in advance as a guarantee for the job. Which he used for the take all his colleagues from university to trip to the seashore of Croatia.

After the return he had quite the welcoming, Police was waiting for Damir to return to talk to him about how he sold the National Library.

It was a tough call as he needed to return the money which some he already spent. But he was able to escape harsher penalty in jail as he returned the missing sum with the rest of the money.

Based on the true story, which was also used as a theme for a video sketch Top List of Surrealism. The episode called “Tourism in our country – Rizo selling the city to American Tourist.