You are now wondering what Ban is and who was the Ban Kulin. And why document that he signed was so important for Bosnian history.
To make things clear, “Ban” was a medieval title of rulers, and Kulin was Bosnian ruler during the 1189. The Charter of Ban Kulin was agreement between Banate of Bosnia and the Republic of Ragusa. Document was regulating Ragusan trade rights in the Bosnia signed on 29th August 1189.
According to the charter, Ban Kulin promises to Knez Kvarse and to all people of Dubrovnik. Full freedom of movement and trading within the borders of the Bosnian country.
The charter was the first document that included old Bosnian language. Also the charter is the first document written in Bosnian Cyrlic script (Bosancica). Because of this charter is point of interest for historians as well as the linguist.
In this charter we are encountering for the first time with Slavic name of city of Dubrovnik written in cyrilic.
Charter of Ban Kulin
Charter of Ban Kulin
In the following lines you would be able to see what Ban Kulin promised:
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. I, Kulin, ban of Bosnia, swear to be a true friend to you, o prince Kr’vash, and to all Dubrovnik citizens from now on and forever, and to keep true peace with you, and true faith, as long as I am alive. All Dubrovnik people who go through my domain trading, wherever anyone wants to move or wherever anyone passes, I will in true faith and with a true heart keep without any damage, unless someone of his own will gives me a gift, and let there be no violence against them by my officers, and as long as they are in my lands I will give them advice and help as I would to myself, as much as I am able, without any evil intention, so help me God and this holy Gospel. I Radoje the ban’s clerk wrote this document by the command of the ban, one thousand and one hundred and eighty and nine years from the birth of Christ, the month of August, the twenty-ninth day, [the day of] the beheading of John the Baptist.
This translation was done by W. Browne.

Originaly, charter was written in 3 copies, in the 19th century one of the copies was stolen from Dubrovnik and sent to Russia, Saint Petersburg. Many consider that the copy held in Russia is original of the Charter. However Russia claims that the Charter of Kulin Ban, as the second oldest document of the Slavs, equally belongs to their history.

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