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You don’t need to do anything more except to come in front of our agency 10 minutes before the tour starts.

Our staff will contact you in any case as soon as possible. Please be sure that you typed right email address.


Starting location for all of our tours is in front of our agency. 

 Tallest Tourguide Tours office: Hamdije Kreševljakovića 61, Papagajka Building, Old Town, Sarajevo 

If you need directions Google Map link is  here:


If you need map of Sarajevo you can download it on this link, or you can come to our office and get a free copy.

Our phone number is +38762664244 and you can contact us via WhatsApp or Viber.

You can contact us on info@tt-tours if you need something more.

Usually the payment is done at the end of the tour to the tour guide. Unfortunately we have only option for cash and PayPal. Contact our staff on for more information about PayPal payment.

For the walking tour: If your hotel is in near proximity to our agency pick up is offered for free. If we need to do pick up with a car we will charge you as much as taxi would charge.

For excursion and day trips: Pick up is included in the city of Sarajevo and it’s closer municipalities. 

Please, just contact us on and we will organise private tour for you with a personalized start time, length and even itinerary if you wish.

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