Srdjan Aleksic was no ordinary man. Yugoslav amateur actor, swimmer, a soldier in the Army of Republika Srpska during the war in Bosnia. He was many things, but mostly he was able to remain human in critical times.

In Trebinje on January 21, 1993, during the war. Where the horrible scenes were occurring on daily basis. Srdjan noticed, a group of four uniformed soldiers as they forced a man outside of a cafe. Started harassing him across the street. He looked a little closer to a man’s face. He started to recognize the person. It was Alen Glavovic, an ethnic Bosniak, but also his neighbor.

He rushed at them while yelling at them to stop attacking civilian, which eventually they did. However, the soldiers turned against Aleksic. As they started hitting him with the rifle butts, that knocked him to the ground. But that didn’t stop the group from hitting him. They stopped as they noticed that Srdjan’s body wasn’t giving any reaction, which led to coma. 

During the attack on Srdjan none of the eyewitnesses were keen to help him. As they were probably fearing the same punishment. If there were maybe more people like Srdjan Aleksic, just maybe there would be the one who would stand up for him.

Due to the injuries that Srdjan received on 21st, he died in hospital on January 27th, 1993.

Street of Srdjan Aleksic in Belgrade Serbia
Street of Srdjan Aleksic in Belgrade, Serbia.
He received many awards posthumously for his deed, which was seen as a heroic act in time of bloody war. Unfortunately, there has still not been any recognition of him in his hometown. A documentary under the name “Srdjowas made and released by the RTS in 2007.
Srdjan died carrying out his human duty”, was written by his father in his obituary.
One of the attackers died during the war, while others received 28 months in prison. Yet, Alen Glavovic was able to survive the war and flee out of Bosnia. He lives with his family in Sweeden at the moment and every year visits Srdjan’s grave and his father. As he claims it’s a moral duty for him to do so.
Srdjan’s deed was completely against the current. It was unthinkable to stand aside with “enemy” against your own military. Well, one thing is for sure, Srdjan Aleksic never forgot how to be human.
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