Sarajevo temples and food tasting

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09 AM

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27 EUR

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4 hours

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Pet Friendly?

no, sorry!

we will be entering in religious objects

Tour overview

In a city multicultural and multi religious as Sarajevo, you would be interested in exploring all of its
small corners and holly places, wouldn’t you?

Because of that, we are offering the most detailed tour in our agency. Tour in which you will taste
and feel Sarajevo during those 4 hours of walking and listening about it’s history.

From the story about the Franz Ferdinand assassination and start of the First World War you will go
and learn about the similarities and differences between the religions. Listen about the harmony of
coexistence and taste the food that blends East and West.

You will visit the house of Despić to understand the culture and Holy Houses of Sarajevo to
understand the religion. You will also find out why We find our eateries the best and you will
probably be asked to eat your Ćevapi with your fingers.

Nothing in Sarajevo is done without a cup of coffee therefore after the 4 hour talk about history,
culture and religion you will agree that coffee break is necessary- certainly it is for the tour guide
who’s done all the talking.

Walk through the streets of European Jerusalem with us and discover the hidden gems and corners of Sarajevo
Eat as a local and drink coffee as a local with our help 
Learn more about the symbiosis between the different religions in Sarajevo 
Enter the temples and Despica House museum in which you will see the religious and cultural differences of Sarajevo
Be accompanied with experienced tour guides in small group so you will be able to ask as many questions as you wish

Tour start point is in front of our office where you will meet your tour guide and head towards your
first spot, Latin Bridge, the place where the First World War started.

After that you will be going on the left side of river Miljacka exploring the rich history of Sarajevo.

Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and a Brewery on one side of river Miljacka. WHAT!?

We will cross on the right side of river Miljacka to enter Baščaršija and taste Bosnian Coffee. There,
the smell of food will be the one we will follow to the best eateries. And if you forget our tourguide
because of the smell of our delicious traditional cuisine, we won’t blame you.

After out food tasting we will be going to Sarajevo Temples. With our bellies full, we will be able to
visit the most important temples and Despica House museum.

Enter the story of East meets West with Tallest Tourguide Tours and let us be your guides through
the story of Sarajevo. Wonderful and poetic, yet complex and too detailed to be understood on the
first hearing.

The whole tour will be done in the area of the Old Town and you will be covering the following
locations. Brunch and a coffee break will be arranged during the tour.

  • Bascarsija square
  • Sebilj Fountain
  • Kazandziluk
  • City Hall
  • Brewery
  • St. Francis Church
  • Emperor Mosque
  • Latin Bridge
  • Assassination spot ( First World War starting location)
  • Bezistan
  • Hotel ”Europe”
  • Despića House (entrance)
  • Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos (entrance) – Ferhadija Street
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral (Entrance)
  • Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures Sign
  • Jewish Synagogue ”Old Temple” (entrance)
  • Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque (entrance)
  • Morića Caravan Sarai 


  • Tour start at 09 AM (we need booking one hour before the tour start)


  • Food Tasting in one of the Eateries
  • Tickets for all entrances (temples and museums)
  • Free Pick Up / Available on request in the Old Town area
  • Coffee and refreshments during the tour
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • List Item


  • Tipping or Gratituties
  • Private Tours / All tours are shared unless specifically agreed private in advance


  • BOOK AND GO! Tour is having definite departure every day.
  • Max number of people on the tour is 10 pax.
  • For the groups of 10+ people - contact us on to see what we can do in order to organize the tour for you.
  • Small amount of walking
  • Group Discounts and Multiple Tours Discount


  • 27 EUR per person


Old painting with a car in the front, a man is shooting at the people sitting in the car
Event that started the First World War

Franz Ferdinand Assassination - Start of First World War

Learn all about the most important event that happened in Sarajevo. On 28th of June in 1914, the world will go on a path of the Great War and everything starts in Sarajevo.

Mosque from the outside, white building with one big and two small domes and a minaret, in the background the mountains and forests of Sarajevo
Emperor's mosque, Sain Anthony Church and Sarajevo Brewery in one photo

Left bank of river Miljacka

Listen about the musical pavilion At Mejdan, Emperor’s Mosque, St. Anthony Franciscan church,
Sarajevo Brewery, Sarajevo City Hall and much more. You will already have an idea about the city and
we still haven’t gotten to the most important part.

White cup with a silver coffee decanter on a silver plate
Bosnian Coffee

Right bank of river Miljacka - Old Town Marketplace

Small passages, coffee shops, eateries and thousands of different people make our old town marketplace unique from the rest. You will eat and have a coffee in places chosen by the locals.

Interior of a mosque, the center of the picture is a huge candelabra, in the background there are three entrances and the Ezan, where the Imam is praying
Gazi Husrev's Bey Mosque

Religious houses and temples of Sarajevo

Firstly, we will visit the Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque and talk about Islam in Bosnia. From there we will go to Synagogue Old Temple and Catholic Cathedral. The last but not the least one will be the Orthodox Church and that will complete our 200 meters walk between all of the 4 monotheistic temples in Sarajevo.

Small room covered with purpel carpets, the benches are covered with purpel blankets, windows are covered by colored curtains, in the front is a small copper table
Interior of Despica House

Despica House museum of two periods

Despica House is one of the most interesting museums in Sarajevo as it combines Austro-Hungarian
and Ottoman period in Sarajevo. 

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map of locations

Please be 10 minutes before the start of the tour. If you have problem finding us, you have google map link HERE.

Frequently asked questions

We will be entering the holy temples such as a mosque. Men cannot wear shorts above the knee and t-shirts above elbows. Women cannot wear shorts or skirts above the ankle and t-shirts above the wrists. Usually the veil for the women is given at the entrance of the mosque and kippah for the man in the synagogue but if don’t want to wear those ones you can bring your own one.

The mosque would be the most strict temple in which we will go regarding the dress code, but be aware that in other temples as well you would need to have clothes which is not revealing too much. 

We are able to do that. However, that change would would be seen as a customization of the tour making the tour private. If you are the only people on the tour we would be doing that without offering you the private tour option. 

If you wish to have customized experience in Sarajevo the best way is to contact our team on We will create tailored tour for you. 

We will be able to find vegan and vegetarian option for you on this tour. You just need to give us that kind of information at least couple of hours before the tour start so we can check out everything prior the tour start. 

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