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27 EUR

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4 hours

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except the tunnel museum

Tour overview

Complete 4 hours War tour is created in order to educate people about the war and conflicts of 90’s in the West Balkans. The purpose of this tour will be to evaluate all of the major things that took place, to understand them as much as possible and to create a summary that will lead to a positive outcome. 

Fall of Yugoslavia will be explained using the maps and stories provided by our tour guide.This will be one of the first stories that will follow. War in Bosnia, the creation of 3 different armies, Siege of Sarajevo, Srebrenica genocide and war outcome will be amongst the topics that the tour guide will be explaining during the 4 hours of the tour.

You will be visiting all of the important locations for this tour such as: Tunnel of Hope, Bobsleigh Track, Hotel ‘’Osmice’’, Jewish Cemetery, etc. All of the locations mentioned are essential for this topic and they will be explained in a comfortable AC car or van (depending on number of people).

Listen to the story told by the locals, a generation that believes the war was an ultimate mistake and that this kind of suffering should never happen to anyone ever again. We promise to deliver facts and unbiased opinions (as much as it is possible) in order for you to understand the conflict without having to choose sides.

During the ride towards the tunnel museum, which will be our first stop, the guide will start the tour by explaining the fall of Yugoslavia. The tour guide will then explain the sites and buildings, which you’ll be able to see through your window, all of which were important during the siege of Sarajevo.

After we arrive to the tunnel museum tour guide will buy the tickets and you will enter an area where we have maps, video and other tools that will help us explain the conflict to you. Find out how the war started, why the National Library of BH was destroyed, how many people were involved in the conflict and which events were the most important for this war. You will then  watch a movie and also get an explanation about the movie itself. 

You’ll have the opportunity to hear the stories about the life during the darkest times in Sarajevo, and yet the stories will be full of life and full of hope.

While passing through 25 meters of the original tunnel, the guide will explain its importance and role during the siege.

After the visit to the Tunnel museum, you will be going to Trebevic mountain to see the first line of defense. You will also be able to see Sarajevo from a greater distance and the positions from which Sarajevo was bombarded.

Our trip back to the starting location will be interrupted with two stops. First one will be hotel ‘’Osmice’’ and second- the Jewish Cemetery. Hotel ‘’Osmice’’ was the headquarter of Serbian Forces and Jewish Cemetery was a frontline as well. 

We will finish with good examples and positive stories. We will speak about the future and fight against fascism with an overall positive attitude.

During the tour, transport will be organised and you will be transported to the Tunnel Museum with the tour guide who will be explaining everything on the way, inside of the tunnel museum and on the way back. Locations that we will see and visit are:

  • Markale Marketplace
  • Eternal Flame
  • Parliament
  • Sarajevo Children’s Memorial
  • Hotel Holiday Inn
  • Sniper Alley
  • Tunnel Museum
  • Anti Fascist Memorial ” Vrace”
  • Trebevic Mountain
  • Bobsleigh Track
  • Hotel ”Osmice”
  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Panoramic view of Sarajevo


  • Tour start at 09 AM (we need booking one hour before the tour start)


  • Bottled Water
  • Tickets for the Tunel of Hope Museum
  • Free Pick Up / Available on request in the Old Town area
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Transportation in AC vehicles


  • Tipping or Gratituties
  • Private Tours / All tours are shared unless specifically agreed private in advance
  • Infant seats


  • BOOK AND GO! Tour is having definite departure every day.
  • Max number of people on the tour is 16 pax.
  • Groups of 16+ people contact us on to see what we can do in order to organize the tour for you.
  • Small amount of walking
  • Group Discounts and Multiple Tours Discount
  • Infants and children under the age of 7 free of charge (you need to let us know in advance how many children there is)


  • Price is 27 EUR per person


Woman in a black coat carrying bags and running towards the fotographer. In the background are destroyed buildings and debris from explosion
The most notorious alley in Sarajevo

Sniper Alley

After you enter the vehicle the tour guide will give you explanations about the tour and about the fall of Yugoslavia. You will be driving through one of the most notorious streets in Sarajevo, known as Sniper Alley.

Rail track trough a tunnel
Tunnel of Hope museum

Tunnel Museum

Tunnel Museum is the key landmark of this tour as it provides whole set of tools to do a proper explanation. You will spend up to 1 and a half hour during which you will understand most of the important information

Old and abandoned bob slack coloured with abstract graffiti
Part of graffiti covered Bob Sleigh track

Trebevic Bobsleigh Track

Walk through the symbol of Olympic games which became trench for the Serbian forces in 1992. Today revived with the reopening of Cable Car in Sarajevo, Bobsleigh track is offering a pretty unique experience because of the graffiti which are now covering the bullet holes.

Gravestones on the Jewish grave
Second Biggest Jewish Cemetery in Europe

Jewish Cemetery

As a frontline between Bosnian Army and Serbian Forces, Jewish cemetery is being left with countless bullet holes in tombstones and in the Anti Fascist monument. Next to the monument we will be speaking about the importance of the battle against fascism and about the resistance without weapons that was popular in Sarajevo.

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map of locations

Please be 10 minutes before the start of the tour. If you have problem finding us, you have google map link HERE.

Frequently asked questions

There isn’t a specific dress code for this tour although we recommend you dress in layers because the tour covers various locations.

Yes, ticket to the Tunnel museum is already calculated in the price, along with transportation and refreshments.

The topic of war on ”Complete 4 hours war tour” can be considered a bit too heavy for young children so keep that in mind. Our tour guide will try to adapt the topic in case of private tour. 

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Samantha Liew
Samantha Liew
22:05 24 Sep 19
Meme is the best walking tour guide I ever had! Very informative and at the same time very interesting. Would highly recommend this tour. Also, he heroically blocked the pigeons during the walking tour. (;read more
Danielle Gregory
Danielle Gregory
08:52 18 Sep 19
Pretty good walking tour of Sarajevo. A good starting point and the recommendations on what to do after and what museums to visit was very more
Mohamed Bahabri
Mohamed Bahabri
14:17 15 Sep 19
Very professional tour guide almden (I guess the write it this way) He is full of knowledge Lovely structured information friendly & helpfulread more
15:58 03 Sep 19
Really enjoyed the walking tour this morning. I've done quite a few in different cities but this one stands out really. Really interesting stories and facts on the city's history are being mixed with some personal stories and experiences. Also enjoyed doing this in a small group, we went and had a little coffee and lovely conversations; all felt really personal. Thank you. I'd definitely recommend! Keep up the good work more
Michaela Ismaili
Michaela Ismaili
20:15 16 Aug 19
Highly recommended! Both the free tour of Sarajevo and the Siege of Sarajevo tour are definitely worth experiencing thanks to the competent guides. Sarajevo has so much to offer!read more
anne kirstine rønn
anne kirstine rønn
15:24 12 Aug 19
Absolutely great tour. The tallest tourguide is not just tall but also extremely knowledgable about the history of Bosnia. When the tour ended, I felt overloaded with information in a good way, and Almedin took the time to sit and talk with me and help me digest the experience, not just of the tunnel tour - but also of being in Bosnia in general. He has my warmest recommendations!read more
chaz rothwell
chaz rothwell
08:26 02 Aug 19
Highly recommend the free Alternative Sarajevo tour if you're looking to see a different side of Sarajevo and find out about the Street Art. It's really hard to understand the street art as lots is in Bosnian or Bosnian slang or has references which aren't easy to get so it's great to have a local guide explain more
Santos Harismendy
Santos Harismendy
21:43 06 Jul 19
Excellent free tour, excellent information and treat. We were 4 with the guide and he was really good. Always open for questions and then we went for a beer together to keep knowing about the culture and sharing about our. 100% recommendread more
Jasper Greene
Jasper Greene
07:31 04 Jun 19
Deeply knowledgeable guides who were able to answer all my many questions. I went on a general walking tour which explored the cities origins and, the siege of Sarajevo which focused on the warread more
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