If you are currently visiting Sarajevo or plan to visit sometime soon. Then it wouldn’t hurt to know that this is a special period for Muslims all around the world. Including a significant Muslim community here in Sarajevo. This month is called Ramadan and it is the 9th Month on the Islamic calendar.

Gazi-Husrev bey mosque during the ramadan would have a very large number of people.
Ramadan in Gazi Husrev - bey's mosque

Prophet Muhammad would occasionally seclude himself to pray in a cave nearby his home. There he would spend even days sometime. This cave is called Hira and this is where one night Muhammad was visited by Jibril(Gabriel). He reveals the existence of Allah and Quran to him during that night. This revelation is considered as the start of Islamic religion and this happened on one of the Ramadan nights. Ramadan thus holds a special place in the hearts of all Muslims. During this month Muslims fast (no eating, drinking, etc.) from dawn to dusk since fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam.

In Sarajevo, every evening at dusk, a cannon shot from the Yellow Fortress. Above  the city you’ll find a  signals of the end of fasting. At the same time lights on all the mosques light up and this combination is a spectacular sight to see. Many people decide to break their fast right there on the Yellow fortress. Alone or with friends and family, by indulging themselves in traditional Bosnian food and drinks. All this in combination makes it a magical experience.

Yellow Fortress from above during Ramadan in Sarajevo
Bird's-eye view of Yellow Fortress during Ramadan in Sarajevo

This is a more than a hundred years old tradition here in the city of Sarajevo. That is the main reason why we decide to share it with you.