Case Study Srebrenica Day Trip

Srebrenica Day Trip and Memorial Center Visit will uncover so much about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and about the Srebrenica Genocide.

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, term ethnic cleansing will be found as a way to explain and put killings and genocides in one word. After the Second World War people of the world said that nothing similar will happen again and that humanity will prevail. In case of Srebrenica, different things occurred.

In 1995 in Srebrenica, Ratko Mladic and Serbian Forces will decide to do the organized killing and extermination of the entire population on one large area. In total, just in one week of month July over 8000 people have been killed and their corpses will be hidden in mass graveyards.

The story of Srebrenica should be a reminder to people of the world to not ignore and overlook conflicts in the rest of the world, to bow their heads and to say that victims of Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be forgotten.


Case Study Srebrenica Day Trip

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