My name is Eldar and I live in Sarajevo as a student and tour guide. I spent most of my life in this city and I consider it an honor to have grown up here. Purpose of this article is to tell you a bit more about my city or more specifically to tell you about some locations I like spending time at and I hope you, the person reading this article, will feel the same way.

Vilsonovo setaliste – Wilson’s Lane

Wilson’s lane is a street that starts near the city center and it stretches all the way to city residential areas, ending next to the neighborhood of Hrasno. The street was conceived during the Austro-Hungarian era and it was named after the US president Thomas Woodrow Wilson. The reason I am writing about the street here in this article is because well, this is my favorite street in Sarajevo, this doesn’t have anything to do with the street being named after a US president or because of it’s historical significance but because it is truly special, both to me and also to city of Sarajevo. Sides of the street are decorated with hundreds of lime trees and on workdays after 5 and weekends also you feel like you are in a small oasis of nature located in the middle of the city, Because at these times it will be closed to car traffic so you can enjoy the peace and quiet with other people that decided to come out and enjoy walking, running, or biking in this green sanctuary.
Wilsons alley - Walking promenade

Kino Bosna

Kino on our language means cinema and this cinema I am talking about was built in 1928. Today it no longer serves the purpose of cinema but as a music hall, today kino Bosna hosts live traditional Bosnian music and the hall once used for watching movies today is filled with music, dancing, and people enjoying this great place and atmosphere.

Vraca Memorial Park

Once an Austro-Hungarian fortress turned into a WW2 memorial during the Yugoslav era. Nowadays it is overgrown with grass, bushes, and trash, a monument to how things used to be. It is located at Vraca, just above my neighborhood Grbavica and it offers a great view of Sarajevo and for that reason even though it’s not in the best shape I enjoy spending time at this historical location and observing my favorite city.
Vraca Memorial Park

Meeting Point

Meeting point is a cinema located right behind the academy of arts in Sarajevo. Today it is less popular than some of the top cinemas but today it focuses on presenting less popular movies from all over the world. As I am writing this Meeting Point cinema is hosting the Chinese Movie Week where every night it shows a different movie coming from China and after this, there will probably be another special week that I can look forward to.

Tito’s Cafe

Wilson’s alleyway leads me well into the next spot, and that is a small place called Tito’s bar. Named after the leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, it is located right next to the Wilsons alley. Inside and the outside is decorated with Ww2 and Tito memorabilia, it has a beautiful garden and is overall a very family-friendly place. It is a favorite place of so-called “Yugonostalgics”, people who look back to times of Yugoslavia and Tito with a lot of fondness. After a long day, I enjoy sitting down at this place and having a drink because of the great atmosphere and scenery makes this place definitely special.
Cafe Tito

There are definitely many more places to visit and things to see in the city of Sarajevo all it takes is a bit of exploring. the ones I mention in the article play a important role in my life as citizen of Sarajevo and I hope you will also be able to appreciate and see beauty in them.