35 years of slumber, and yet again winter beauties are getting ready for a ball. Relics of a glorious past will come to life. No, we are not talking about a memorial exhibition of WOG ’84 (Winter Olympic Games). 
We are reminding you that Sarajevo and East Sarajevo will host another Olympic event. Arms widespread ready to welcome greatest athletes in a range of age 14 -18 to take their chance on European Youth Olympic Festival 2019. This will be an opportunity for them to prove as worthy opponents in the winter sports event. 

Before we announce EYOF. We are going to make a short recap on how everything looked in 1984 during the Winter Olympic Games. Competition occurred in the former socialist country of Yugoslavia and the city of Sarajevo. 

Vintage Poster of WOG '84
Winter Olympics 1984. in Sarajevo, SFRY. Vintage poster.

So-called Wolfy, mascot was the symbol of the games in Sarajevo. Thus you were able to see him in many variations, of course depending on sports that he represents. Games started as final torch carrier reached Olympic Stadium Kosevo. The one who had the honour to signal an opening of the games was Sanda Dubravcic, a figure skater from Yugoslavia.  

The ceremony started, and euphoria was rising as the levels of snow on surrounding mountains was. 1272 athletes competed to return golden to their homeland. The first medal for Yugoslavia was brought by Jure Franko in great slalom. East Germany and the Soviet Union were the ones who would be holding very top of the games. Both reached the astonishing number of medals. East Germany was in lead with 24 medals and 9 golden out of it. We could say that the Germans showed most skill on the mountains around Sarajevo. 

Jure Franko was better known as
Jurek Franko Yugoslavian Olympic medalist

Jurek Burek” was a nickname given to the only Yugoslav medal winner Jure Franko by the people of Sarajevo, which are known by their sense of humour. (Burek is the famous Bosnian meat pie.)

During the games, it was the biggest visit to Sarajevo from the guests all around the World. Every inch of Sarajevo was crowded with people, waiting for some of the competition to start. Ready to cheer for their country with all their hearts. For 12 days Sarajevo was bursting with passion, love and courage.

Weather conditions in Sarajevo weren’t ideal for the competition. Thus there was even discussion about prolonging the opening ceremony due to the lack of snow on the Olympic mountains. But thankfully we were able to escape unpleasant sight of mountains with sufficient amount of snow. And the miracle occurred, in the eve of the opening of the games there was a case where it snowed so much that there was plenty of it . On the other side this year there will be no need to worry about the lack of snow. Because on the contrary this year we’re having it more than enough.

Everything captured by the keen eye of the press. Media was getting their part of the cake in the hotel Holiday Inn, where all press conferences were held. 

Wolfy mascot WOG '84
'Vučko', The 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics mascot.

As the years passed the memory of Olympic games was fading away, another sports event in 2019 is going to visit former Olympic sites. European Youth Olympic Festival is starting at the 9th of February. 8 days of establishing new connections, competitions and many other experiences.

EYOF is a competition created by the idea of the former president of European Olympic Committee Žak Rogž in 1990. The goal was to create a competition for talented youth and give them chance to experience the Olympic spirit at an earlier age. 

Sarajevo and East Sarajevo will be the location for 8 winter Olympic disciplines.  United behind the mascot under the name “Groodvy“. During the 8 days of the festival you ‘ll be able to feel the Olympic spirit in the capital of Bosnia once again.

"Groodvy" EYOF 2019 mascot.
'Groodvy', The 2019 Sarajevo European Youth Olympic Festivals mascot.

Sarajevo as the second time host of an Olympic event will be ready to welcome 1500 contestants from 50 European countries.


We sure are counting the days till the opening. As the Sarajevo is going to become once again the centre of sports focus. Get yourself warm and get your chance to relive the Olympic spirit in Sarajevo.

Take a look at the highlights of the events down below..

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