Once upon a time, there wast a man by the name Stjepan Vukcic Kosaca which was one of the most powerful people in the Kingdom of Bosnia. During his life he was famous for his low respect for authorities. Mostly he was operating as an unruly vassal of Bosnian Kingdom. A member of a noble Kosaca family, which later became a Grand Duke of Bosnia upon succession of his passed away uncle Sandalj.

Origins of Herzegovina

Coats of arms of Stjepan Kosaca
Coats of arms of Herzog Stjepan Kosaca

After the death of King Tvrtko II of Kotromanic family, he refuses to recognize Thomas as an heir to the throne and a new king. Instead, he proclaimes himself as semi-independent Herzog. 

Herzog is a German hereditary title held by one who rules a territorial duchy, exercises feudal authority over an estate called a duchy. Or either possesses a right by law or tradition to be referred to by the ducal title.

 The land which was under control of Herzog is named Herzegovina. After it fell under the Ottoman occupation the name remained.


Herzegovina is not only known for its history but also for its unique scenery. There is no physical border between the two regions. Northern is known as Bosnia while southern Herzegovina. But sometimes is asserted that the borderline is Dalmatia at south-west, mountain Ivan to the north and Montenegro to the east. Southern part in its unique way is different from the rest of the country. It has its own climate, karst topography, and it is not completely covered with mountains like the central area of Bosnia.


Gems of Herzegovina

Within the Herzegovina, you cannot allow yourself to miss the beauty of river Neretva. A bloodline of Herzegovina. Neretva is the only major river in Bosnia which ends in the Adriatic sea. It is passing through the beautiful city of Mostar, which is decorated with the historical monuments. Old Bridge is one of those you won’t be able to miss. Standing above Neretva. Which is dividing and connecting citizens of Mostar with its mesmerizing clean water.

Old Bridge in Mostar is one of the most important symbols of Herzegovina.
Old bridge in Mostar

What characterizes the landscape of Herzegovina is its distinctive appearance. Constitutes of mountain ridges and fairytale river valleys. This scenery would remind you of sites form Tolkien novels.

As you are heading towards the Adriatic sea. You would be passing through many cities which are simply gems of Herzegovina.

By reaching the coast of Adriatic sea would mean that our trip through Herzegovina came to an end. Last but not least is the city of Neum, Bosnia’s only coastal city which is spreading through 20km of the coast. Ensuring good and relaxing time at the beach, in which you would be able to enjoy some of the finest Herzegovina wines.

Herzegovina is a perfect site for restless wanderers. as it offers many natural hiking trips. Those who wander would be able to find astonishing scenery which is to be found in Herzegovina wilderness.
At the end of the article, you get to enjoy some of Herzegovina reggae. Cheers
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