In Balkans, you would be able to find some odd and unusual things. That is too weird for the rest of the world. Today we would be discussing about Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the micronation in it. Politics in Bosnia are tough to deal with in the first place. Besides that we are also having fictive micronation. Is was crated after failed attempts of 3 municipalities which couln’t agree to who belongs this region of 3 km².

It is located near national park Blidnje in north-western Herzegovina. Between 3 cities, Posusje, Tomislavgrad, and Jablanica. Because of the inability of muncipalities to resolve this problem, every time when Vinko Vukoja – Lastović urged for some of the problems to be solved, he would be advised to contact another municipality for this matter. As it is not their responsibility. The answer from all 3 of them (municipalities) were more or less the same. That they aren’t under their responsibility.

Blidinje Nature Park
Blidinje Nature Park
Vinko Vukoja – Lastvic the owner of the motel wanted to resolve the electrical distribution issue. While the municipalities couldn’t come up with an agreement under whose responsibility is the area.
Vinko solved the problem in 2002 when this alleged “no man’s land” became proclaimed as “Hajducka Republika Mijata Tomica.

He named the republic after Mijat Tomic which was the leader of outlaws who fought against Ottoman empire rule. Mijat is recognized as a national hero of the region. Little did they know that their activities are going to attract the forces of SFOR to the region on the day of proclamation. They left the same day as they noticed the true nature of this fictive project. The main reason is that the republic doesn’t have any separatist or hegemonic ambitions.

Headquarters of Hajducka Republika is in motel Hajducke Vrleti. Whose owner is the sole ruler over the region known by the title Harambasa. At the moment Harambasa is Marija Vukoja the daughter of the founder and former ‘HarambasaVinko Vukoje-Lastvica.

Hajducke Vrlet
Hajducke Vrleti

Like every other republic, this one has its own constitution, anthem, national seal, currency and passport. The national currency is Kubura, on which they have the image of hajduk Mijat Tomic. The flag of the state has a similar appearance. Background is white, in the upper left corner is the red state coats of arms – chessboard, and in the middle is a picture of Mijat Tomic marked with dark color. There were reports that few citizens of the republic tried to cross an international border with the passport of the Hajducka Republika.

Kubura - Currency of Hajducka Republika
Kubura - Currency of Hajducka Republika

An interesting fact is that their constitution counts 25 members and they have 0. Next to the classic ones others are rather intriguing. Among other ministries, most interesting ones are those for laugh, unsolved cases, misconception, for fun, protection of men from violent women, for a single man, artificial blondes, provocation and many more.

Formation of political parties is strictly forbidden, as well as dealing with politics in any way since it is not good for your health.
Founder Vinko Vukoja – Lastvic passed away in 2009, as he suffered grave wound in a car accident. Since then his daughter serves as Harambasa (Chieftain) of the republic.