Some of you wish to hike to explore the nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina or while other are more for cooking traditional Bosnian meals and to taste our cuisine and culture. We appreciate every effort to get closer to our country.
Because of that we are providing you to go from the top of the mountain to the dining table with us.

We are providing full experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Taste and explore through our Simple Bosnian Cooking Class Sarajevo traditional meals and have fun making them.

Book your private Cooking Class Sarajevo.

This simple Bosnian Cooking Class Sarajevo is the best way how to fully understand our kitchen and great way to taste some other dishes except Ćevapi in Sarajevo.

Lukomir is a village located on the Bjelasnica mountain.

By exploring Lukomir with us you would get to learn about the last traditional settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and learn about the customs of residents.

Experience their lifestyle, enjoy the traditionally made lunch and coffee and witness the most beautiful mountains-capes in Bosnia.

Are you thirsty?

We give you a comprehensive Sarajevo Beer Tasting Tour in which you will explore and reveal Sarajevo and Bosnia Craft Beer Scene with us.

Pump yourself with positive energy and get ready to engage in Craft Beer Experience adventure in Sarajevo.

Find your next adventure.

Get exactly what you want out of lessons that are developed specifically for you.

Is it your first time on skis or on a snowboard? Are you an intermediate wishing to get more confident? Do you want to learn to carve turns, ski moguls or perfect your technique on steeper slopes? Whichever goal you choose, your lessons can be tailored and completely custom-fit to your needs.

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