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Winter is slowly but surely approaching us. That means that there will be snow as well, at least that’s certain for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country by itself has proved interesting for many tourists, all over the year. But most of the attractions known to foreign guests could be visited during warmer seasons. You could visit them at its best during spring or summer. 

Now, another question pops up. Is there anything to do in Bosnia during the winter? Well, there is actually a lot. For those of younger generations that probably don’t remember the Olympic Games that took place in ’84 in Sarajevo. Sarajevo has always been a winter beauty surrounded by the Olympic mountains. Within the 4 Olympic mountains of Bosnia, you get to choose one based on your skills, as each of them has a different trails to offer.

Where to ski in Sarajevo?

Bjelasnica Mountain covered with the snow and a hundreds of people
Bjelašnica mountain is one of the Olympic Games Beauties

Skiing in Sarajevo is very easy to find. Actually, you will ski on one of these 3 mountains:

  • Bjelasnica (2067m/alt),
  • Jahorina (1913m/alt)
  • Igman (1502m/alt).

All 3 mountains belong to the mountain range of the Dinaric Alps, and they are sharing similar altitudes. Well, we could say that Jahorina and Bjelasnica are pretty similar when it comes to altitude. While Igman is slightly lower (1502m/alt) which makes it ideal for beginners and not so experienced skiers.

Based on the skill level needed for a certain mountain, we divided them into three categories.


Skiing on a budget in Sarajevo - Transport from Sarajevo

3 skiers are putting skis on SUV during the Private Sarajevo Ski lessons

 When it comes to this part, you have lots of options. Either you could stay in Sarajevo and go in the morning to one of these mountains, or you could stay in some of the accommodations there. That would mostly depend on your budget and plans for this trip. 


So if you stay in the city there are a few options for how you could get yourself up there. The easiest one would be to drive yourself in the morning to the mountain. Or if you would like to save some extra cash on gasoline, you could use a city bus which departs in the morning and it’s taking you back to the city for only 3.5 euros. The time needed to reach this mountain is approximately 45 minutes, with a bus will a little bit longer because of the stops along the way.

Skiing on a budget in Sarajevo -
Ski Pass Prices

Olympic Games rings on Jahorina mountain that is covered with the snow sarajevo ski lessons
Jahorina is mountain with the best conditions for skiing

Comparing the prices of famous ski resorts around Europe and we came to the fact that you could actually cut your expenses in half. Here in Bosnia, you could find similar treatment for a big difference in price, from ski passes, ski equipment, accommodation, and others.

You can check out the ski pass prices on Jahorina and Bjelašnica here:

This will assure you to receive the best value for money, and also you get to arrange tiny little details, about your winter vacation in Bosnia.

Skiing on a budget in Sarajevo -
Hotels and additional offer

Interior of the hotel on the mountain with a view on snowy mountain
Have a break from skiing while drinking tea and starring at the beautiful mountain scenery

Well, if you aren’t the biggest fan of winter sports, there are some other stuff that you could do. If you are staying in a hotels of higher class you will have much more to do on Sarajevo Olympic Mountains. 

In these hotels you have many options to choose from. Could either stay in the spa, while watching a nice scenery covered in snow. Or maybe have fun with some indoor activities like bowling or playing table tennis. 

Also during the winter season, Jahorina is particularly known for its nightlife and program during the winter season. Some of them would be like ski and snowboard competitions and many parties in the open. 

Bjelašnica is having better offer every year. You will definitely have parties around the Christmas and New Year that will be great.

Skiing on a Budget in Sarajevo-
Ski instructor and ski lessons

Tallest Tourguide Ski instructor is speaking with the participants during the sarajevo ski lessons
Our instructors are certified and experienced

If you wish to have organised experience on Sarajevo Olympic mountains you can always contact us.

Check out our Private Sarajevo Ski Lessons. Learn to ski or learn mountain with a licensed ski instructor and have the best ski experience on while you are in Sarajevo. 

Get exactly what you want out of lessons that are developed specifically for you.

Is it your first time on skis? Are you an intermediate wishing to get more confident? Do you want to learn to carve turns, ski moguls or perfect your technique on steeper slopes? Whichever goal you choose, your lessons can be tailored and completely custom-fit to your needs.

Skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Igman mountain covered with a snow sarajevo ski lessons
Igman is great mountain for the begginers on our Sarajevo Ski lessons

Skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible on multiple locations. Next to Sarajevo, good options would be Vlašić Mountain, Ravna Planina near Pale, Kupres Ski Center, Ponijeri near Kakanj, etc.. 

If you wish to have fully organised winter holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina you can contact us for fully detailed itinerary. 

Come and experience winter fairy tales on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo Mountains. 

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