Code of Good Practice

  1. At the beginning of a tour and whenever necessary, we remind our clients to leave enough space on the street so that our presence does not interfere with the daily life of the locals.
  2. We try to limit the size of groups to a maximum of  35 people; whenever possible we try to organize groups not bigger than 20 people.
  3. We speak at an appropriate volume according to the place and time of day in order to respect the rest and intimacy of the neighbours.
  4. We support  the consumption of local products and the use of neighbourhood stores taking into account other criteria than just the commission they offer.
  5. We ask our clients to respect the privacy of people: the locals are people, not monuments. Asking for permission before taking pictures of people is a fundamental rule.
  6. We invite our clients to continue discovering the neighbourhoods after the guided tour has come to an end advising them to stay there to have a meal or to enjoy the cultural activities and festivities..  
  7. We make sure that our clients’ behavior does not harm the monuments we visit and, if necessary, explain why certain behaviors can be damaging.
  8. Whenever possible, we try to avoid transportation with motor vehicles or other means of transport with a significant impact on the environment and the quality of life of locals.
We did a Siege tour with Meme in Sarajevo with Meme in March 2019. Before we started the tour there were some issues because I made a mistake with my booking. Meme was super flexible and even agreed to do the tour 2 hours later the plannend. Meme showed us through the city and tried to explain the history of the Yugoslavia-war and the siege of Sarajevo. He managed to give us insights from all different views and very successfully made a complex history still understandable for us. Even though we could of course never really grasps fully what happened and why. Meme really wanted us to fully understand what happened and what impact the war and genocide has had and still has. He definitely succeeded in this and made sure that this is not just a impressive 'story' but that it is something that we'll take with us and remember.
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