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3 skiers skiing during Sarajevo ski lessons
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Don’t miss out Skiing in Sarajevo

Skiing in Sarajevo is more than you are expecting. Check out our article about the best places for skiing in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

U2 posters for concert in Sarajevo 1997 and soldier during the war in Bosnia

Concert of U2 and Miss Sarajevo

Reading the title, you might wonder what could be the connection between the Irish rock band, U2, and Miss Sarajevo.

The concert was held in Sarajevo on 23 September 1997. The band was hosted at Olympic stadium Kosevo, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina. This concert in Sarajevo was part of the PopMart tour which was launched in support of their new album under the name POP.


10 Best Sarajevo museums and galleries you must visit

You don’t know what to visit while you are in Sarajevo? Check out our Top 10 list of Sarajevo Museums and Galleries and enjoy your time in Sarajevo. Tallest Tourguide Tours guide for cultural institutions, which is giving you a additional information about the museums and galleries you might want to visit.

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Our Guide’s guide through Sarajevo

My name is Eldar and I live in Sarajevo as a student and tour guide. I spent most of my life in this city and I consider it an honor to have grown up here. Purpose of this article is to tell you a bit more about my city or


The man who sold the City Hall

People of Sarajevo known in the region as the people with a sense of humour. And one of them a young student who sold the city hall to the local/foreign citizen. Now you might wonder how come local and foreign citizen at the same time. That’s a whole different story,


What to see in Sarajevo? Check out our favorite places!

What to see in Sarajevo? Check out our favorite places! What to see in Sarajevo in one day? What to do in Sarajevo? Sarajevo what to visit? CALM DOWN AND STOP SEARCHING ON GOOGLE!! We got you covered.  The city of Sarajevo has a lot to offer when it comes to interesting


Miscalculated action that led World to a Great War

During the earlier period of 1914, the balance of power became quite unstable in Europe. A single event which created diplomatic crisis led Europe to a Great War. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Princess Sophie committed by a young Bosnian Serb nationalist in Sarajevo. The aftermath

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Top 5 Best Sarajevo Wine Bars

Wondering where to go out in Sarajevo to have a glass of fine wine, relax and re-organize your mind? Here we prepared something that might help in search for these wine bars.