We bet that every city has a month of change. If we speak about Sarajevo, that would probably be April. Known as the month that is making people leave their winter clothes in the closet, April has changed the life of the Sarajevo people as well. The month of changes, winnings, losses and more, April will be always special for every Sarajevo person.

You will have in April many events. The opening of the Sarajevo City Hall in 1896, Visit of the Pope Jean Paul II, testing for the first electric streetlight in Sarajevo and more. Somehow the next three events will take the spotlight.

It started with partisans and Valter.

We can say that the 6th of April in 1945. brought joy for the people of Sarajevo. That is the day when the Partisan forces entered in Sarajevo as victorious. Defeated Nazi troops who were escaping the Sarajevo tried to destroy certain buildings. That day will be celebrated in the future and kind of labeled as the most important one in the history of Sarajevo.
Vladimir Peric Valter partisan hero in second world war.
Scene from the movie ''Valter brani Sarajevo''
Vladimir Perić Valter will die as one of the last partisans in Sarajevo. With his friends and unspoken courage he managed to defend the post office and other buildings in Sarajevo from the destruction. He will be a hero who will be well known, especially for the people who had any interest in Yugoslavian cinema. Check out the movie ”Valter Brani Sarajevo” (Valter defending Sarajevo) and tell us what do you think about it?
Bosna is at the top of Europe!

Let’s jump quickly to 1979 on the 5th of April. The moment when most of the people in Europe couldn’t figure it out how the basketball club from a small city conquered European basketball.
Picture of the Basketball Team Bosna lifting up the trophy in 1979
KK BOSNA 5th of April 1979
Headlines in the world famous newspapers were having variations but everybody agreed with one thing. The team of basketball club Bosna was playing ”Valtzer” on the basketball courts wiping out all of the most famous teams in Europe. That team will be led by Mirza Delibašić, one of the most known and best Bosnian players of all time. That team will open the door for the other Yugoslavian basketball teams. Teams that will lift up European cup trophy will be KK Cibona, Jugoplastika, and KK Partizan, but Bosna will remain as a symbol and a role model for all future successes.

Siege of Sarajevo and mostly red instead of green April.

This event will be actually 1,425 days long. It will take 11541 life and it will make an enormous twist for everything that you knew about Sarajevo. War and destruction became the main topic connected with Sarajevo. Siege of Sarajevo will create a huge shadow on top of everything that happened before. Everything in April became red, from snipers, grenades, and shootings. Somehow in this month, the sun is reviving the old spirits that were buried underneath the snowscape during the winter.

Sarajevo Red Line exhibition in Sarajevo with 11541 red chair lined up in Sarajevo city center
11541 red chair in the Center of Sarajevo represents the number of the victims during the period of the Siege of Sarajevo.

Siege of Sarajevo officially started the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Everything that happened in the 90’s needs to be remembered and never repeated. Every victim in Bosnia and Herzegovina should teach us to look at the Sun that April is giving to us and to grow. From the terrible past, we created a success. We do believe that we can repeat that again together and united as one.

You can learn on our tours everything that we have spoken about so far in this article and much, much more!

Tourguide on the Walking Tour doing the History Explanation
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