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Tallest Tourguide Tours and Excursions is a tour operator based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and founded in the May of 2018 by the group of local tour guides. From 2012 We have been guiding tours in Sarajevo and leading guided tours and excursions along the charming parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We offer a variety of  cultural and historical tours but we thrive to give more content in the experiences section. You will see in our Experience section offers like: Cook With Us – Cooking Class, Lukomir Village Hiking or Bosnian Wine Tour that showcase the very best of Bosnian gastronomy while presents you our tradition. This is a remarkable opportunities to ”experience Bosnia and Herzegovina as a participant and not just a tourist”. All of that and much more await you with Tallest Tourguide Tours.

Featured Tours

  • TOUR: First Sarajevo Craft Beer Tasting Tour
  • RUNS: Whole Year - Whenever you want
  • DURATION: 3 Hours

First Sarajevo Craft Beer Tasting Tour is warm, genuine, and fun welcome to Sarajevo –  you will feel like you got behind the scenes of what can be quite a touristy city, and experienced a bit of the real deal. 

We love the beer and you will love it too, especially because it will be explained by makers of it. Join us on the first and only Sarajevo Craft Beer Tour. ŽIVJELI!

  • TOUR: Confidential Tito's Bunker Tour
  • RUNS: Every day at 08 AM
  • DURATION: 5 Hours

After Tito’s Bunker was revealed in 2011, we were like WOW this is gonna be huge, and it is! It is definitely one of the biggest secrets of  Yugoslavia and its dictator Josip Broz Tito.

Tito’s Bunker tour is created for the sake of understanding the former state of Yugoslavia and it’s glorious moments. On the other hand, you also have an opportunity to learn more about the leader who remained “Non-aligned” during the Cold War.

  • TOUR: Private Sarajevo Ski Lessons
  • RUNS: December - March
  • DURATION: Full Day - Gear Included

Get exactly what you want out of lessons that are developed specifically for you.

Is it your first time on skis or on a snowboard? Are you an intermediate wishing to get more confident? Do you want to learn to carve turns, ski moguls or perfect your technique on steeper slopes? Whichever goal you choose, your lessons can be tailored and completely custom-fit to your needs.

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Check out our three categories, Sarajevo City Tours, Excursion and Experiences. In Sarajevo City Tours category learn about the recent history and War in Bosnia  or about the overall history and culture of Sarajevo. In excursions choose some of half-day or full day trips out from Sarajevo and by that explore charming parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you decide to breath, taste and live your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina then choose Experiences category and ”Experience Bosnia and Herzegovina as a participant and not just a tourist”.

Our Free Walking Tours is our way to say that everyone should participate to the tours and they should be a part of this great story of Sarajevo. Check out our three Free Walking Tours and those are Guaranteed Sarajevo Free Walking Tour, Worst Siege of  Sarajevo Free tour and Unexplored Sarajevo Graffiti Free Tour. Let our local tour guides say to you what they know about their city and about their culture.

TripAdvisor reviews
Rebeca Ross
Rebeca Ross
Oh the history we learnt... Oh the laughs that we had...
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MeMe went above and beyond on everything he did and this trip fast became my favourite of all the places in the world I have had the opportunity to visit. I cannot fault the service we received and the laughs we managed to have in the face of what could have been an incredibly serious and sad trip made it all the more memorable. I have recommended MeMe’s services to everyone I have spoken to since returning to London and will continue to do so. Greg and I are also already planning a return trip, hopefully one summer with some of our friends. When we do return, whenever it may be, we will always always make sure that MeMe is a part of whatever that journey may be.
Irsa Dervic
Irsa Dervic
Review Srebrenica Tour
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We took the Srebrenica day tour last April. For this tour Almedin was our guide. In the weeks leading up to the tour we could very easily communicate with either Nikola or Almedin, they would answer promptly to all our questions. The tour itself was really informative, insightfull and put together well. During the road from Sarajevo to Srebrenica/Potocari Almedin explained in great detail the history of Bosnia/Yugoslavia and the events leading up to the war. The story was easy to follow for people who heard something for the first time about Bosnia, but still interesting for people who know a bit more about the Bosnian history. We would really recommend this tour since you do not get only information on what happened, but also personal stories and in general a good time
Magali G Julien
Magali G Julien
Beyond our expectations!
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In just a few hours that we could spend in Sarajevo, Meme was able to walk us through so much history and cultural highlights of his charming city. Visiting Sarajevo was a dream for me, and I didn’t expect to fall in love with it like I did in person! Meme helped us make our experience absolutely worth the few hours in the city, his knowledge was quite impressive, he has a great sense of humour and we really enjoyed his friendly company! It was like having a friend walking us through the best of his city! When I go back to Bosnia I will definitely contact his tours services again to explore what I didn’t have time to see!! Book with them, you absolutely won’t regret it!! (Bonus: his tallness will help you take the best selfies!!)
Jonas G
Jonas G
Informative and Flexible
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We were visiting Sarajevo for only a short time, and our hotell recommended Tallest tourguides and our tall guide Mehmeh tailored a private tour of Sarajevo after our needs and wishes. We learned alot, ranging from the political state of BiH past and present, to the founding and tenacity of the city and its people. He also showed us a selection of traditions like bosnian coffee... Our tour was originally planned for two hours, but we ended up walking and talking for closer to three hours. The guide was very informative and answered our questions even before we could ask them. All in all an incredible experience, with a friendly and helpful guide, who also gave us several recommendations for our meals.
Ken Es
Ken Es
Fantastic Bosnian Cooking Class
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The Bosnian cuisine cooking class with Almedin and Ahmed was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, not only about cooking the foods, but also some of the culture and history behind them. We began at the market shopping for the ingredients, then we got to work, making the dough, chopping the ingredients and all the prep work. In the end we made Burek, Klepe/Bosnian ravioli, a cucumber salad, and Sutlija/rice pudding. Once everything was ready we had a feast together and enjoyed some good conversation. Afterwards, Almedin emailed me all the recipes, so I didn’t even have to take notes. I even walked away with a Bosnian cooking diploma. Now I’m official. Great experience.
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Tailor  made & private tours Sarajevo are perfect if you want to come alone on the tour, with your family or group of friends. Choose when you want to wake up, take a break and what you want to shake up in order to learn the most and enjoy the most.  We are able to organize absolutely everything from the transport, accommodation, tours and other parts of program if you cannot fit yourself in any of our packages.

Private tours Sarajevo and Tailor Made tours are created with our team, which will listen to your wishes and necessities in order to fulfill them if it is possible. You just need to contact us for the best experience and best offer. 

Read some of our articles and learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo before you take some of our tours. We are writing about the Best Museums in Sarajevo to see, Top Wine Bars and Restaurants to visit but as well we are writing about the topics like the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Siege of Sarajevo. Find more about us by reading our articles and sharing them with your friends. 

U2 posters for concert in Sarajevo 1997 and soldier during the war in Bosnia

Concert of U2 and Miss Sarajevo

Reading the title, you might wonder what could be the connection between the Irish rock band, U2, and Miss Sarajevo.

The concert was held in Sarajevo on 23 September 1997. The band was hosted at Olympic stadium Kosevo, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina. This concert in Sarajevo was part of the PopMart tour which was launched in support of their new album under the name POP.

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10 Best Sarajevo museums and galleries you must visit

You don’t know what to visit while you are in Sarajevo? Check out our Top 10 list of Sarajevo Museums and Galleries and enjoy your time in Sarajevo. Tallest Tourguide Tours guide for cultural institutions, which is giving you a additional information about the museums and galleries you might want to visit.

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